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Involve® Rainforest - Simply Lily : Spray Air Perfume

Involve® Rainforest - Simply Lily : Spray Air Perfume

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Product Features

Involve® Rainforest - Simply Lily : Spray Air Perfume | 30ml

Reminds you of a crystal clear tropical island beach side where no one else is in sight. Experience the exciting discovery of inhabited untouched land that is fresh just because it is unexplored and raw. Only Purity and simplicity can deputies the charisma of fresh Lily fragrance. The essence is crafted using only the finest ingredients delivering a fragrance that is fresh, clean, and nurturing. Features: Fresh Lily Flower Aroma Air Perfume Fragrance, Made in India Car Aroma, Strong 24 x 7 Performance Scent, Best Aroma Car Perfume Brand of India Involve Your Senses Car Aroma by Canopy Essence Private Ltd, 30ml Spray Car Perfume


Floral & Fruit Fine Fragrances

Based on exotic fragrance offerings originating from fruits and flower combinations giving the feeling of never before experiences in your car. Forest aroma experience that will make you experience freshness.


All Weather Performance

Weather conditions in India are extremely different in different regions. Preferences of people also changes similarly. That’s why entire Involve Your Senses range is developed to perform in varied climatic conditions.


No Gas Air Perfume

Involve Elements Air Perfume series is 100% CFC and GAS free. Its Only Fragrance Concentrate and No GAS formulation delivers more value and better performance to users. Its a non aerosol car air freshener.


Powered for SUVs & Sedans

Higher level of Fragrance concentration assists in delivering a fabulous result even in bigger sized cars i.e. SUVs or Sedans where normal Car Fresheners struggles to perform. Try the car aroma in any cabin size.


200+ Sprays : Long Life

High Fragrance  delivers powerful performance for longer period of time. Its unique fragrance blend makes it spread much longer which makes up for a long lasting fragrance. 


With DriveFRESH

Specially formulated Involve Elements Car Air Perfume is formulated to perform and deliver freshness inside the car cabin. Just couple of sprays and enjoy the freshness.


100 % Utility No Wastage

Liquid Spray perfume is 100% usable. Highly concentrated fine fragrances makes Involve Elements Air Perfumes the best option to go for. No wastage and can be used whenever required.


With Hanging Freshener

Compact packaging adds beauty with powerful fragrance delivery. Can be easily kept in the glove box. Dangler is aesthetic and adds fragrance distribution to the center of the car.

Floral Fragrance

Experience the enchanting beauty of Floral fragrances with our exquisite car perfumes. Inspired by nature's most captivating blooms, these scents evoke the romance and femininity of a blooming garden. Whether you're drawn to the delicate allure of roses, the intoxicating sweetness of jasmine, or the fresh vibrancy of lilies, our Floral-inspired car perfumes offer a sensorial journey through a bouquet of exquisite scents. Transform your car interior into a floral paradise and let the enchanting aromas transport you to a world of elegance and grace.

Floral Fragrance

Frequently Asked Questions

The essence is crafted using only the finest ingredients delivering a fragrance of Lily that is fresh, clean, and nurturing.

The spray based car freshners are for the once who want instant fragrance for the people who have kids or pets, or for the one's who rarely drive

The Rainforest series is developed for the product’s utility. We provide a hanging freshener tag which looks aesthetically pleasing in your car. You just need to spray the perfume on the tag whenever required and hang it to your rear view mirror.

Simple Lily is crafted using the finest ingredients to deliver a fresh and nurturing aroma. All Involve products are Made In India.

Once in 2 days for the beginning but you can decrease the times of spray eventually because the product is powered by DriveFresh technology.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Excellent is the only word for your product and your customer care. May i know do you have human perfume. Full stars i give i highly recommend to all

Mahesh Patil
Best car perfume

Very good fragrance

Mohammad Umar

Involve® Rainforest - Simply Lily : Spray Air Perfume

Anant Makwana

Perfectly natural fragrance....

Samiron Hazarika

Involve® Rainforest - Simply Lily : Spray Air Perfume