Quality Policy

Involve is not all Black and Gold its Green too.

Keeping in sync with the globally changing world to work towards a greener planet, we have adopted greener methods of production using bio degradable, ecological, recyclable, soil conservable, reusable and natural raw materials in our products while consuming lesser water with effective use of electricity.

Our products are designed and developed to have a minimal impact on the environment while providing a high quality experience for our consumers. Some of our key initiatives in this area include:


Biodegradable: Entire range of Involve WishList range of Car Air fresheners is biodegradable, recyclable or compostable. It does not harm the environment or upset the ecological balance when it is disposed off.


Eco Friendly: Involve Music Gel range of car fragrances are water based. They are free from sulfates and silicones.


Recyclable: Our products are packaged in recyclable materials to reduce waste. Additionally, many of our products and packaging material are made from recycled goods.


Non Aerosol Sprays: Our entire Air Perfume Spray range is in non pressurized fragrance sprayer. These are Non-Aerosol and No CFC products.


Organic: Organic pads in Involve One Car Perfumes blended with Non Toxic Perfume oils provide our consumers safe and performance oriented products.


Animal Friendly: We love and respect animals. All Involve Your Senses products are free from animal testing.


Recycle: We use waste water in plants. We also practice recycling corrugated boxes and packaging material by reusing them. We use electricity effectively and efficiently in our processes.