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Involve ONE Splash Organic Car Perfume & ONE Snowfall Fragrance Organic Car Perfume Combo

Involve ONE Splash Organic Car Perfume & ONE Snowfall Fragrance Organic Car Perfume Combo

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Product Features

Involve ONE Splash Organic Car Perfume & ONE Snowfall Fragrance Organic Car Perfume Combo

Car perfume makes you feel fresh even on your rush days. It’s very important to choose the correct car freshener, Involve Your Senses offers you the best air freshener for cars in India. INVOLVE ONE SPLASH CAR SCENT: Fresh watery fruit cut in half bringing you a feeling of juicy magic in your car. The freshness will recharge your energies like a handful of water on your face. The aroma release will be therapeutic to your adrenaline levels. INVOLVE ONE SNOW FALL AIR FRESHENER FOR CAR: The top layer comes with quite a blast that retains its bright icy character. Involve one snow fall has a soft lingering aroma with a influential citrus smell, a touch of mellowness of the flowers but more like the smooth rounded soft ice that comes with snowflakes drizzling down a road. Fresh and intoxicating cold and chilly winter smell with soft cashmere like feeling, the incense is a simple layered smell that will create a cool ambience in your car.


100% Spill Proof

Involve ONE is non-liquid Organic Car Perfume which is 100% leak proof. Solid nature of the product makes Involve ONE the best option to go for. It doesn’t cause damage like liquid air fresheners on dashboard/ music system/ seat covers.


Made in India

Involve Your Senses products are made in India. Preferences of people also changes according to their region. That’s why entire Involve Your Senses range is developed to perform and preferred by people from different background


Powered for SUVs & Sedans

Higher level of Fragrance concentration assists in delivering a fabulous result even in bigger sized cars i.e. SUVs or Sedans where normal Car Fresheners struggles to perform. Try the car aroma in any cabin size.


Keep on Dashboard/ Cup Holder

Compact and subtle packaging of the product adds beauty with powerful fragrance performance. It easily fits into cup holder or side pocket and it is also compact enough to keep on dashboard of the car. 


With DriveFRESH

Specially formulated Involve ONE series Car Perfume is formulated to perform and deliver freshness inside the car cabin. Just remove the inner seal and enjoy the freshness. Enjoy the long lasting freshness in car.


Fragrance Control Shutter

With vented lid of Involve ONE Organic Car Fragrance, it’s easy to control the fragrance intensity. By just sliding the shutter one can easily reduce or increase the aroma evaporation. Best Car Air Freshener.


with 3M Double Tape

Involve ONE Car Perfume comes with foam double tape to stick the Air Freshener unit on Car Dashboard. Double tape is 3M make and has strength to hold the Car Freshener unit on Curvy Dashboard of any Car.

Aquatic Fragrance

Dive into the refreshing allure of Aquatic fragrances with our collection of car perfumes. Inspired by the invigorating purity of the ocean, these scents captivate with their cool, crisp freshness. Aquatic fragrances are characterized by their clean, watery notes and invigorating energy, making them perfect for those who crave a sense of escape and tranquility. Refresh your car interior with our Aquatic-inspired car perfumes and let the revitalizing aromas transport you to a world of serene beauty and relaxation.

Aquatic Fragrance

Frequently Asked Questions

GENERIC NAME: Air Freshener 
HSN Code: 33030090
SKU: IONE04 + IONE09 combo
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS (LxWxH): 7.3 x 8.5 x 11.3cm
INCLUDED COMPONENTS: 2 x Involve ONE Fiber based Air Freshener + 2 Double Tape
NET QUANTITY: 40g + 40g
BEST BEFORE/ SHELF LIFE: 18 Months from the date of manufacturing
MARKETER AND MANUFACTUERER NAME AND ADDRESS: Canopy Essence Private Limited: Avior Corporate Park, 404, LBS Road, Mulund W- 400080, Mumbai, Bharat

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Feel the difference

Very pleasant smell. Enhancing the overall experience inside the car.
The packaging and delivery of the product was also desirable.