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Plan your Christmas Eve

Things to do on Christmas Eve 2021

Christmas is the most wonderful time to take up festive vibes by celebrating with your family and friends. Usually, gifts are opened on Christmas Eve, but before unboxing gifts and welcoming Santa as a family there is a lot more to do. In the run-up to the festival, we become consumed with the to-do list. We have to get the cake baked and ready for the other eatables, purchase the tree, buy and collect all the accessorial embellishments, decorate the tree, apart from planning out the entire day. Few things you must do this Christmas:


Church service:
Many churches offer a special service on Christmas Eve, making it a great activity for religious families. It’s also a great excuse to dress the whole family in their best Christmas attire to celebrate the meaning of Christmas. After prayer, all devotes come together for carol singing enjoy some snacks and drinks. It is believed that helping the poor and needy on Christmas day is the best thing to do.


Bake cookies and cake:
There is a lot to do on Christmas, one of the best things to do on Christmas is baking cookies and cakes along with your family and children. This activity brings the family together with lots of creativity and laughs. It is observed on Christmas day people usually prefer making wine and plum cakes. After baking enjoy this dessert and snacks along with your family and your guests.


Decorate Xmas tree:
Xmas tree is decorated using 4 colors i.e., Red, Green, Golden, and Silver. This is because red color indicates the blood of Jesus Christ, green color replicates greenery of nature, silver and golden color symbols the rich blessings that we are blessed by him. With a combination of these colors, the Xmas tree is decorated with the inevitable Christmas balls, the sparkly Christmas bells, the cute brightly glowing Christmas bows, a circular wreath, the candy canes, and finally a shining star on the top of the tree that reminds us of the shining star of Bethlehem that had guided the three Magi to reach the stable when Jesus was born.

Dance along with Santa:
It is said Santa Clause is a shadow of Jesus Christ. Santa comes along with his generosity and kindness with the patron for children. Santa brings chocolate and gifts for everyone. He sings and dances by bringing a smile to everyone’s face. After dance and songs, it’s time to offer Santa cookies and snacks which are made with love.


After baking, Xmas tree decoration it’s time to show off your home decoration to your relatives and surprise them with gifts. We get gifts for everyone, but we always miss one most important gift i.e., a gift for our own house. So with Involve Nirvana fragrance diffuser gift your house with an aromatic fragrance that will light up your festive vibe even more. Nirvana comes in very beautiful packing which can also be used for gifting your loved ones as a token of freshness this Christmas, consisting of 100ml liquid, 15 sticks, and dispensing bottle. There are 4 variants available Soul, Innate, Peace, and Serenity. For more info please visit


Play a Family Game:
On Christmas, do plan games for Christmas Eve. Which should include the involvement of every family member. The best games for Christmas are memory games, question and answer games, coordination games, treasure hunt, guess games, Christmas charades, and so on.


Christmas Eve Dinner:
As having dinner with family & friends was never out of trend. Invite everyone for a Christmas dinner party, which will bring out old memories and create new stories.


Take a nighttime drive:
After the perfect Christmas celebration take a drive through the neighborhood looking at all the Christmas lights and decorations people have put up in celebration of Christmas. To make your drive more aromatic place Involve ONE Snowfall fiber car perfume on your dashboard, which is 100% leakproof and has long-lasting fragrance even in SUVs & SEDAN.


Some more suggestions to do on Christmas Eve are:
Watch a special Christmas movie
Read Christmas story in Bible
Ornaments Exchange
Track Santa


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