Involve® Nirvana - Peace : Reed Diffuser

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              The fresh feel of flowers and the essence of natural garden fresh smell will delight your senses, popularly the freshness of flowers cheers your mood throughout the day and removes fatigue as it envelopes your life. Involve Nirvana uses premium essential oil that stands for 'the essence of purity'. Enrich your lives by introducing our premium fragrances into your world. Aroma for homes, rooms, offices, hotel rooms, restrooms or any enclosed spaces. 

Product Features

24 x 7  Performance

No Fire /  No Electricity

No GAS Aroma Diffuser

Natural Fragrance Diffusion

Involve® Nirvana Diffuser Reeds with its high fragrance concentration delivers powerful performance throughout the day for longer period of time. Its unique fragrance blend makes it spread much longer. Involve® Nirvana Diffuser Reeds delivers the fragrance performance without using and source of power like electricity or fire.
Involve® Nirvana Diffuser Reeds is 100% CFC and GAS free Spray Fragrance Diffuser. Its rich Fine Fragrance blends and No GAS formulation delivers more value and better performance to users. When porous reeds are immersed in fragrance oil they transfer the oil into the atmosphere by capillary action and they gently create a pleasant ambience in the room.


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Involve Nirvana is a collection of unique reed fragrance diffusers with ZERO percent gas or CFCs that can be used without fire or electricity! Nirvana has 4 fragrances— Soul, Peace, Innate and Serenity.

Incense sticks need to be lighted on fire to spread the fragrance, where as reed sticks are porous and they absorb the fragrance oil by capillary action and spread it into the air hence they’re better around people with breathing issues like asthma.

When you buy any air perfume from the Involve Nirvana Reed Fragrance Diffusers collection, you get 100 ml of fragrance oil of your chosen flavour and 15 reed sticks to spread the scent in your room.

No, Involve Nirvana Fragrance Diffuser is completely gas and CFC free. It is essentially a perfume concentrate oil with no gas formulation.

Reed sticks are porous and when immersed into the fragrance oil, they absorb it by capillary action and diffuse it into the air. The intensity of the aroma depends on the quantity of oil and sticks used.