Involve® Gel Can - Citron : Car Freshener

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Zesty Lemon, juicy Orange peel layered with tangerine scent and Mandarin touches to revitalize your ambience. A luxurious and sensual fragrance of rich evocative citrus notes immediately awaken your deepest senses, giving you the impression of living life in your own secret lemon garden.

  • Gel with DrivFRESH® - oil gel technology, that keeps your car fragrant for long
  • Premium gel designer car fragrance with citric freshness
  • Powered for SUV's and Sedans
  • All Weather Performance Aroma
  • Fragrance Control Slider in Cap
  • Luxury elegant design - beautifully designed to sit inside cup holder
  • Fresh fine designer fragrances for car
  • 24 x 7 performance Scent
  • Made in India car air freshener gel perfume
  • Best tin can gel air freshener for car

Product Features

All Weather Performance
Powered for SUVs & Sedans

Fragrance Control Shutter

All Weather Performance

Made in India

Powered for SUVs & Sedans

With vented lid of Involve Gel Can, it’s easy to control the fragrance intensity. By just sliding the shutter one can easily reduce or increase the aroma evaporation. Weather conditions in India are extremely different in different regions. Preferences of people also changes similarly. That’s why entire Involve Your Senses range is developed to perform in varied climatic conditions. Involve Your Senses products are made in India. Preferences of people also changes according to their region. That’s why entire Involve Your Senses range is developed to perform and preferred by people from different background Higher level of Fragrance concentration assists in delivering a fabulous result even in bigger sized cars i.e. SUVs or Sedans where normal Car Fresheners struggles to perform. Try the car aroma in any cabin size.

Involve Gel Can – Citron Gel Air Freshener comes in a lemon yellow tin can air freshener with a luxury elegant design it has the fragrance of rich evocative citrus which make you feel deepest senses of being at own secret lemon garden, it has all weather performance car freshener that is powered for SUV’S and Sedan cars. The best part is it is made in India car air freshener.

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    Ankur Garg
    Citron car freshner

    Freshening fragrance..every time enters in car