Involve® Garden Fragrances - Valley Flower Spray Air Freshener

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Water based spray air freshener with Fruit and Flower Fragrances blended to enjoy its virginity to the fullest. Spice up your Car or Office and Involve Your Senses. It comes with guaranteed 800+ Sprays from one bottle. No CFC Environment friendly Air Freshener.

Involve Garden Fragrance - Valley Flower Air Freshener Spray

Fresh fragrance of valley flower to make you experience the nature's treasure. A blend of outdoor scents including woods, along with citrus and spices.

  • Fruit and flower fragrances blended to enjoy its virginity to the fullest
  • Non aerosol spray
  • Spice up your car, home or office
  • Made in India
  • 800+ Spray
  • No CFC 100ml Air Freshener


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