Involve® Elements - Earth : Spray Air Perfume

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Smooth and rich floral scent that is sensual, light and mesmerizing. It will soothe your senses with the emotions evoked by rose, jasmine and amber. The earthy musky scent is rich in its earthy heritage and will delight you like the winds that bring the early scent of fresh nature.
    • Fragrance with richness of earthy aroma
    • No CFC, No GAS Car Air Freshener Spray
    • Strong Scent Powered for SUVs and Sedans
    • Works in all seasons/ weather
    • Free Hanging Freshener
    • Cologne Fine Fragrances with DrivFRESH®
    • Made in India Car Aroma
    • Strong 24 x 7 Performance Scent
    • 200 + Sprays Car Fragrance
    • 30ml Spray Car Perfume

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