Wonders of Car Gel Air Fresheners
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Wonders of Car Gel Air Fresheners

Wonders of Car Gel Air Fresheners 

Car gel perfumes are one of the first ones people started to use and, even today people prefer to use them. Car gel perfumes are long-lasting and easy to use. They are preferred by all age groups. As it has been in the market for a long time people are familiar with its price range, usage, quality and quantity. There are many reasons but one of the most given reasons is that the scent of gel is trapped inside the can as the fragrance particles are placed in the matrix of gel. A gel inside the matrix keeps evaporating from the can in the form of fragrance particles and that is why gel perfumes are capable of releasing continuous fragrance particles. 

 Involve Your Senses has brought you the Car Gel Fragrance range with one of the most creative concepts of Involve Music. Involve Music is a range of gel car air fresheners with scents that are fresh and smell like notes of music in 5 different aromas.

Involve Music Retro fragrance immerse you in the perfect beauty of an aroma pond. This subtle yet fragrant scent is a clean, fresh fragrance of lemon blended with exotic masculine notes.

Involve Music Jazz is the seductive perfume of the rose flower that has been captured and lovingly blended with the subtle fragrance of vanilla in the captivating Involve Jazz Car Perfume.

Involve Music Fusion Creates an ambient and sensual mood with the spirit of nature's finest aromas in fruity coupled with floral fragrances with Involve Fusion. The revitalizing aroma of flowers is entwined with exotic fruity fragrances in this enticing Car Perfume.

Involve Music Club has a fresh novel youthful fragrance that delights every whiff taken in and around the area where it's felt. It will compel the soul within you to churn your heartbeat into a rhythm that will follow the musical notes of this exuberant fragrance.

Involve Music Symphony is a fresh mix of diverse notes that adds originality to the scent. The unexpected bite of frozen pear with a touch of exotic flowers. Warm yet fresh, the notes amplify in reaction to the atmosphere, so the fragrance blooms inside the car cabin. It’s instantly addictive. 

These car gel fragrances are suitable for all weather. India's weather is hard to predict and that is why these made-in-India products are to perform well in varied climatic conditions. One of the special things about this car gel product is that it comes with foam double tape to stick the Air Freshener unit on the Car Dashboard. Double tape is 3M make and has decent strength to hold the Car Freshener unit on the Curvy Dashboard of any Car. 

There are more than one reasons to buy this amazing series of car gel air fresheners. So get one for you and your loved ones and let us know which one you liked better.

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