Travel this World Tourism Day with Involve
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Travel this World Tourism Day with Involve

Travel this World Tourism Day with Involve


wishes you happy World Tourism Day

Every year, 27th September is remarked as World Tourism Day to raise awareness about tourism and its significance as tourism not only contributes to the economic sector of a country, but also facilitates cultural and social relations with people of different nationalities.

Every year since 1970, the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) has been selecting a host nation to help commemorate World Tourism Day. Last year, they chose Ivory Coast as its partner in their campaign ‘Tourism for Inclusive Growth’, with this year it being Indonesia in ‘Rethinking Tourism’.

The amount of reasons to travel to destinations can’t be counted for. Relaxing after a long and tiresome weekend or a month to blow some steam off, adventuring to add some YOLO to your life, for religious and cultural reasons or just visiting somewhere you've always wanted to go, travelling is essentially satisfying your inner curiosity or purpose for a change which everybody needs.

The world is very diverse culturally and geographically. However much we may try, nobody can possibly see it all. But what we can do is, categorize places that are similar characteristically. So let us explore deep into the world of tourism.

Beaches of India which explore through travel


Being a possible answer to one of the hardest questions of all time, ‘Mountains or Beaches?’ Beaches are one of the most popular tourist destinations. The sparkly clean water, the golden grainy sand on the beach, the sea winds breezing through your hair, the sun rays hitting the right spot—not too bright, not too dim, just what’s not to love about beaches! Beaches can be therapeutic as well as adventurous, water sports are one of the major activities you can do at beaches for fun. Fun and soothing, there’s nothing a beach can’t cure!

Mountains of India


Now coming to the other contender for the question, mountains are compared against beaches for a reason! The temperature gets cooler as the altitude gets higher and the air gets cleaner. Every breath feels fresher and more energising on the mountains. Relax and rewind and reminisce about the scenic spectacle that awaits you in the mountains. Valleys, peaks, numerous trails to trek on, a trip to the hills is sure to fill up your gallery with endless memories.

Famous Cities in India


In this fast-growing age, everybody is inclined to be attracted to progress. Urban architecture is the depiction of how much we’ve progressed and it represents hope for us to dream for a better future. Sparkling skylines, nightlights, never-ending cycles of day and night, travelling to urban cities gives you a sense of anonymity which may make you nervous at first, but opens up a world of endless possibilities with you having nothing to lose. Oh, to be in New York City with nothing but dreams to fulfil and experiences to discover and people to meet.

Heritages places of India


Monuments are historical symbols of people’s stories, experiences and emotions that were never passed on. As humans we seek these notions for a new experience that gives you better insights on your life and the world. Or they’re just fascinating! Everybody’s sure to have wondered how’d they make huge pyramids of sandstone before even discovering electricity and machines, at least once in their lifetime.

islands of india


While islands do comprise beaches, they’re more than just that! You can find species of exotic wildlife and plants you wouldn’t think existed. And not just land life, lagoons and backwaters with transparent azure blue water with vibrantly coloured coral reefs fostering sea-life ecosystems, islands do have it all! Indonesia and Maldives have economies that are primarily contributed by tourism which only makes sense.



Wildlife and botany enthusiasts travel to the remotest of places for discoveries and research. Even laymen who aren’t so involved in the sciences like to explore the diversities of nature. Rainforests, swamps, jungles and savannahs are just some locations that are known to host animals and plants you would normally only be able to see on the internet. Be it Africa or Amazon, natural sightseeing is becoming popular everyday!

Tourism is a wildly growing industry as everybody loves to travel to places of their preference. Involve has a huge catalogue of specially curated fragrances which match your urge to travel. Check out our collections of car perfumes that’ll purge your wanderlust and imitate the experience of travelling anywhere while driving in your car. Travel the whole world in your car with Involve!

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