This friendship day, be a Toretto for your charger !
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This friendship day, be a Toretto for your charger !

This friendship day, be a Toretto for your charger !


Hey, when was the last time your car didn’t pick up the call?
How many times have you gone on a drive when you feel alone or sad?
Your car has always been with you when you feel low. Your car’s always been your friend no matter what, even when the real ones weren’t real. 


A car is more than just a vehicle for us enthusiasts, it’s the connection which gets stronger and stronger with every kilometer you add to its odometer. When it just pulls nice and strong between that exact RPM, you feel free, disconnected from the issues and insecurities you are dealing with everyday. The drive which makes you forget about the depressed and sad side of your life and brings a fulfilling smile to your face. Shout out to the engine, to that chassis and to the gearbox for taking every problem of yours and converting it into strong torque and loads of horsepower. 


Let it be diesel, petrol or electric, it will be your best friend. The friendship which we want to inherit as long as we can, living in the privilege and accomplishments of making memories which we cherish as we grow older. On a solo road trip when you pullover onto a lonely highway, start sipping coffee outside that little café, you look at the headlamps of your friend and Wiz’s verse from his song ‘See You Again’ hits you in the heart. 


‘’First, you both go out your way and the vibe is feeling strong

And what's small turned to a friendship, a friendship turned to a bond

And that bond will never be broken, the love will never get lost "



This friend’s always been there for you without if’s and but’s, so why not treat your best friend this Friendship Day like you should. The Involve Origin Aurum will be the perfect gift for your car and yourself get yours here .


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