Things You Need To Get If You Have A New Car
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Things You Need To Get If You Have A New Car

Activities You Need To Know If You Have A New Car

Buying a car is always really exciting. Choosing between the fuel type, the brand, all the different models, all the different colours, going for test drives, this spectacle just stimulates your mind. If you’ve just bought your new car or if you're thinking of getting one, there’s some activities you should be aware of doing once your car’s here:


The newest addition to your family is here. Be sure to welcome it by praying to the God of your preference and mark it new by decorating it with beautiful flower garlands. 


This goes without saying but complete all the necessary paperwork. And make sure you have all the paperwork pertaining to your purchase in your possession. This includes the originals for tax receipts, insurance certificates, delivery challans, etc. 

Car registration and Pollution Certificate:

Before your temporary registration given by the car dealer ends, you need to get your car’s permanent registration as it’s illegal to drive without registration. The nearest RTO should be able to help you out. Also update your Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate or you are prone to be penalized by the Indian Police Department. You can get that done at the nearest petrol pump. New cars don’t need one till they are 6 months old so just make sure you don’t forget. 


Now your car's here and all the official work is done. It’s time for you to make it your own. You can customise it according to your choice. Get car mats because it’s an attempt towards a cleaner car floor. And if you’re a clean freak, get seat covers too. 

Car perfumes are a really popular accessory these days because they take your driving experience to the next level. Comfort and freshness are add ons but who doesn’t love a nice smelling car. Also, you need not worry about foul smells due to food or cigarettes or your car sitting for too long. Involve Your Senses has a wide range of solid, gel and liquid car air fresheners to keep your car fresh all the time. Keep your car fresh with Involve!

Another thing you can get is an AUX cable to plug your phone with the stereo to play the music of your choice, anytime and everytime. 

Long Drive:

You’ve got everything that you need for your car. All that’s left is revv up your car and go for a long drive in the bad boy with your friends and family. Enjoy your car while it’s new and traverse roads you don’t know with your adventure partner, your brand new car. 

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