Things you must have THIS Navratri!
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Things you must have THIS Navratri!

Things you must have THIS Navratri!

Navratri—not just a religious festival anymore, but a celebration of song and dance. The festival hugely associated with Gujaratis has lately turned into a national event. Not only Indians, everybody around the globe anticipates the 9-day fiesta to dance their hearts out. The aartis, the Garba, wearing differently coloured outfits everyday are just some of the highlights this amazing festival offers.

chaitra navratri 2022

Navratri, this year, is from the 26th September to 4th October. With people awaiting the grand Garba festival, there’s a lot of preparation put in for the celebration. Here are some things you MUST have this Navratri!

nearest Garba Concert!

1. A pass to the nearest Garba Concert!

Garba is the whole heart and soul of Navratri! You absolutely cannot celebrate the essence of Navratri without playing Garba. A pass to the nearest Garba concert is very essential, or even playing in your neighbourhood with a group of people is alright, as long as you can play.

Fomous garba dance steps

2 . Traditional Gujarati wear or Indian kurtas!

Navratri is a celebration and celebrations require people dressing up nicely in traditional attire. If you can’t get your hands on a traditional ‘Kediya’, you can wear an Indian kurta according to the colour of the day.

Famous Steps for garba  group dance

3 . A group of friends to play Garba with!

Garba is played in circles and you can’t make a circle without multiple people. Besides, isn't it merrier with more?

Stay Hydrated

4. Stay hydrated!

Garba is a dance of high cardiovascular activities which more than makes you break a sweat. It is extremely necessary for you to stay hydrated and take frequent breaks to cool yourself down or you are endangering yourself to some serious dehydration which can be harmful to you.

 5 . A car with Involve Car Perfume!

After a night of garba when you’re drenched in sweat from dancing for hours, you need something refreshing. So just get Involve Car Perfume and relax and refresh your tired muscles for the next day! And don’t you worry, Involve has luxury ranges of car perfumes that also match the colours of the days of Navratri! Check out

Awesome nights of garba

6. Catch some Z’s!

It is extremely important to rest your muscles after such a heavy cardiovascular activity. After you’ve relaxed with Involve’s premium car air fresheners, doze off on your bed to have an awesome night of garba the day after too!

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