Things You Must Do This Festive Season!
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Things You Must Do This Festive Season!

6 Things You Must Do This Festive Season!

India, being the amazingly diverse country that it is, boasts a huge lineup of festivals all the year round. But, around August-November or specifically, Shravan to Kartik, according to the Hindu calendar, one can call it the festive season! Starting from Janmashtami and Raksha Bandhan to Dussehra and Diwali, we’ve got a number of public holidays in the name of festivals.

That being said jokingly, festivals hold a gigantic importance in the secular culture of India. They are a portrayal of the emotions, respect and love for our country and its culture, and also a traditional fun way to release some stress. After all, once you get in the festive mood, it's hard to think about our mortal troubles. Be it the South or the North-east, divided by geography we are united by diversity!

Families Get Together With Friends

The festive season in India is a collection of back to back festivals with varying backgrounds. But, needless to say, we are not bound by religion or geography, anybody is free to celebrate any festival and that’s the beauty of India!

And the festivals are predesigned in a way that you’re already accustomed to the festive mood. They incorporate various elements to maintain the overall festive vibe like— the colors in Holi, flowers in Onam, the famous Garba in Navratri, etc.

So this festive season, don’t forget to:

Gifts to family & friends

1. Be nice to others!

Just how you get in the mood to celebrate, so do others! Everyone tries to forget about their day to day inconveniences and maintain the sanctity of the festive atmosphere. What’s a festival for if you’re not truly celebrating it, am I right!

Go shopping with friends

2 . Go shopping!

During these joyous occasions, it only makes sense to take advantage of the uncountable extravagant and eye-catching sales hosted by different stores and websites.

Clean your home

3 . Clean your home!

Clean your house with your family to welcome prosperity and happiness. Decorate your household with diyas or lanterns to enhance its beauty and spread festiveness to your surroundings.

very well dress

4 . Dress nice!

Flaunt your wardrobe collection by embellishing yourself in new clothes suitable to the festival like sarees, kurtis, lehengas, etc for women and suits, kurtas, sherwanis, etc for men, to sparkle the festive mood.

5 .Follow the traditions!

Indian festivals are known to have rituals and traditions that make up most parts of our festivals. Do the rituals like aartis and poojas for spiritual mindfulness and the nostalgia that is associated with them.

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6 . Get Involve Nirvana!

Sugandham is one of the elements that make up a festival. This festive season, use Involve Nirvana to celebrate the festive delight with your olfactory senses. Fresh and serene, celebrate with Involve Nirvana this festive season!

Also, do checkout Involve’s huge range of car perfumes for a pleasant yet refreshing driving experience, this festive season!

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