Things to have in your car if you have a school-going kid
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Things to have in your car if you have a school-going kid

Things to have in your car if you have a school-going kid

Owning a car is fun until you have children in it. We always make sure, our car is well organized but children’ do have other plans! So owning a car accessory can further curtain down your stress of maintaining your hygiene problem.


Here we come up with must-have basic things that would ease your later struggle.

Car organizers

There are many ways to organize your car if you have a school-going kid. Some people prefer to keep everything behind the seat or in the center console of the backseat for children access while some prefer keeping everything neatly behind the car to avoid showing confusion. Some people like it. In any case, it is important to have at least one form of organization. 


This is where car organizers come into play. You can organize most of the things in your car very well and with easy access to yourself and your kid. Having a car organizer in your car will make things easier for you and your kid. Hence, one of the most important suggestions we can give is to have car organizers installed.

Trash can

Children tend to collect trash faster than anyone else, and if you're not careful, your car can become a small landfill. Not only is it nice to have a small trash can in the car, but it is a necessity. 

Lollipop sticks, tags, and outdoor "treasure" are hidden in the center console of the front seats by kids. You usually will not be able to see it unless it accumulates.  With a small trash bag, you can throw away as much trash as you need. Hence having a small trash can in your car will save you some dirt and garbage. With a small trash can, you can ensure that the garbage is immediately going in the trash can and not anywhere in the car. This way your car remains a car and doesn’t turn into a wasteland. 


Involve Your Senses have two types of car dustbin/ car trash bin to offer 


An Involve, we have exactly the type of trash can you are looking for. Our trash bins are small in size from the bottom so they easily fit into the cupholders. The size of the bin is big enough to carry the garbage for a few trips. They are dynamic in design and also come in a few colors. You can check out our trash bins on our website by clicking here.

Plastic Bags

Keep some plastic bags with you in your car whether it's for clothes or diapers. Alternatively, you can use a "wet bag", but there are many reasons to reuse a grocery bag, so plastic is just as good. it's simple. Do not bear the additional cost of special bags.


Such plastic bags can be used for several other reasons too so having plastic bags in your car is not a bad idea. When they have been used enough, you can throw them away in your trash bin to avoid dirtying your car.

First Aid Kits

Accidents occur and sometimes Band-Aid is needed. Ready-made first aid kits are readily available at almost all pharmacies and major department stores, so there's no reason not to have them in your car. However, if you want to create your own "outdoor kit", you need to include the following items: Band-aids of different sizes, Ice packs, vasoline, tape, roller bandage, pain reliever, scissors, tweezers, thermometer, etc.

Protective covers

Child seat covers, floor mats, step mats, etc. When transporting children/students, you need to protect your car. You can use aftermarket car seat covers and they are fine, but if you want to protect your seat cushions, it is recommended that you consider investing in a car manufacturer's seat cover (especially new). 


The kick mat protects the back of the seat from being destroyed by dirty feet, and the floor mat makes it much easier to clean up spilled snacks. If you want to go one step further, add a silicone cupcake liner to your drink holder. The next time you spill a coffee mug or a long bite, you don't have to worry about getting rid of the sticky mess.


Before leaving home, make sure you have at least a treat and a water bottle in your bag. In addition, it's a good idea to have extra snacks in your car for the rare event of leaving home without eating or drinking anything. 


Students also sometimes come from school and claim to be hungry and if you have a long drive to be home then this is the best solution. Try stocking snacks that have long expiration dates so you won’t end up wasting any food.

Tissue box

If you have a student or a school-going kid with you in your car, then having a tissue box with you is a must. They can be dirty, have a runny nose, or just be drenched in sweat. On such occasions, having a tissue box in the car helps a lot. Hence, it is recommended to keep a tissue box with you in the car if you have a school-going kid.


At Involve, we sell exactly the tissue box you might need. We have tissue boxes that can go on your dashboard or even on your doors. Our premium quality tissues won’t hurt your kids and are super hygienic, clean, and dry.

Car perfumes

An important accessory that you should have in your car is car perfume. After school students are usually sweaty and dirty. They sit in the car with the same sweat and stench. Sometimes this stench can stay and linger in the car. Hence, having a car perfume or air freshener in the car can solve this problem of bad odor.


At Involve, we also sell car perfumes. Car perfumes happen to be our expertise. We have a variety of fragrances in car perfumes and air fresheners. We are also one of the bestsellers on Amazon in-car perfumes. Click here if you want to check out our fragrances. 


Along with the 8 accessories, you also need to analyze how your school-going kid is when it comes to sitting in the car. If some other behaviors or habits may require any other accessory then you shouldn’t hesitate. Car accessories are made to make things easier for you so we advise you to use them to the fullest. They more often than not have excellent value for money and hence are always advisable to be bought and used.

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