The Best Gifts For Brothers On Bhai Dooj
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The Best Gifts For Brothers On Bhai Dooj

Celebrate this Bhai Dooj with The Best Gifts For Brothers!

Having a brother is like a 2-in-1 deal. You get a best friend and your worst enemy at the same time. You get a partner in crime and also get someone who’ll guide you on the right path.  Let's celebrate this relationship between you and your brother this Bhai Dooj by giving him a wonderful gift.

We know how difficult it is to give gifts to boys. It is a task that takes a lot of thinking at times. That is why we’ve come up with this blog that gives you ideas on gifts for your brother, this Bhai Dooj.

Fitness gifts

There are a lot of brothers who are into fitness. Some are fitness freaks, while some are struggling to complete a week's worth of exercise. However, gifting accessories related to fitness is a good idea for gifts.
An activity tracker is essential in today's world of fitness and is also a good gift idea for your brother. If your brother is not into gym exercises, then gifting him a cycle is another good gift idea. If he’s not able to get himself to the gym, then buying him a gym membership as a gift will give him that necessary push. Time-marked water bottles will ensure that he drinks his water on time and is another good gift idea. 

Grooming gifts

All men like to look good and the secret to looking good is grooming. A well-groomed man is a handsome man. As a sibling, you have to help your brother look his best.

You can help him out by buying him grooming gifts. If he’s struggling with his beard, then buying beard oil is a good idea. If your brother lacks many grooming accessories, then buying a grooming kit is a good gift idea. You can also buy him accessories that he can wear to take his style to the next step. Chains, bracelets, rings, etc are good small gift ideas that will help your brother groom and style himself better.

Car gifts

There are a lot of brothers that are interested in cars. So much so, that they’ve made it their passion or hobby. Even if it isn’t their hobby, most brothers are still in love with their cars and hence car gifts are good gift ideas for brothers.

Brothers are usually smelly and if not well maintained then their cars can get smelly too. Hence, car perfumes or car air fresheners are one of the best choices for gifts. Another good idea is phone holders. If your brother is messy, then gifting him a small car dustbin is also a good idea. Another good idea is dashboard accessories or miniature toys. They are attractive and fun and add to the beauty of the car. Another good idea is gifting him a tissue box for the car so he doesn’t have to dirty his car seats. Or you can just make a combo of all and gift him.

At Involve, you get premium, yet value for money car accessories. We sell small car dustbins that easily fit into your cupholders. We also sell premium tissue boxes and other car accessories too. We specialize in car perfumes, so if you plan to buy car perfumes, then you can’t go wrong with Involve as your choice. 

Customized gifts

One of the best ideas when it comes to gifts is customized gifts. Personalizing a gift as per your choice is a very good idea as you can attach some memory or a shared joke with it. When it comes to customized gifts, there are a lot of choices.

One of the most common gifts in customized gifts is cups. People often add pictures to a cup with a funny relatable quote. Another common customized gift that you can buy is keychains. If you have a brother that uses keys, then you can buy customized keychains. The best part about customized gifts is personalization. You can add your personal touch to it and today you can do it to almost any gift. 

Sports Gifts

Most of our brothers, along with being into fitness are also into sports. Some are into soccer, some are into football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, badminton, etc. The list can just go on and on.

One thing that is common in all these sports is the love brothers have for these sports. Some just love watching the sports while some love playing these sports. Irrespective, there forms a sort of eternal bond and love between the brother and these sports. A deeper love is formed for the teams that the brothers support.

Hence, buying any gifts related to either the sport or the team that they support is a good gift idea. You can buy accessories related to sports. You can buy the jersey of the team they support. You can buy posters, or even customize some other gifts with the team they support and make it 2 gifts in 1. 

Extra gifts

Some other gifts you can give to your brother are magnetic bottle openers. They are really useful if you have a brother that drinks. If he is into shopping then you can buy him gift vouchers as well. If he’s into listening to songs and audiobooks then you can get him noise-canceling headphones. Another cool gift is LED-based wall lights. They come in different designs and look cool and attractive on the walls. If you have a brother who always has a dead phone due to no charge then give him a portable charger. Another good gift is waterproof speakers. 


Just like these, there are many other options when it comes to giving gifts to your brother. We made this list to make it easier for you in choosing a gift. However, in the end, you know your brother the most and only you can decide the best gift for him. Wishing all brothers a Happy Bhai Dooj!   

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