Must have if you have a dog & car
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Must have if you have a dog & car

Must have if you have a dog & car


If you do have a dog or a pet then one thing is sure- you don’t treat them as pets. You treat them as a family because they are family. And as a family, you want to take them out with you wherever you go, which involves driving them in your car. Whether it’s a small drive to the park or a long drive, like a family you want them to come with you wherever you go.
Driving with your dog can be a hassle because of the constant shedding and the muddy paws after hitting the park. Some safety issues also need to be looked after if you’re a dog and car owner. If you’re going on a long drive some things need to be present with you as well. That is why we have written this blog. This blog will help you with must-haves if you’re a dog and a car owner. 


Seat Hammock


Have there been times when you suddenly hit on the brakes and your best friend fell off the seat and into the gaps between the seats? This is a huge safety issue. Your dog can fall between the seats and even injure itself. Hence, seat hammocks are a must-have. 


Seat hammocks attach themselves to the headrest of the first and second-row seats and then tuck themselves into the seat. This becomes like a hammock for your seat and prevents your dog from falling between the spaces in the seats and injuring itself. At the same time, the seat hammocks are usually water-resistant, waterproof, and even easily washable if your dog has dirty feet.


Handheld vacuum


If you are a dog and car owner, then a handheld vacuum is the best decision you can make. We’ve all been in a situation where you have to drive with dog fur all over the car seat and dashboard. In such cases, having a handheld vacuum is the best option. Instead of taking your car into the garage and plugging a vacuum cleaner and struggling, using a handheld vacuum is much easier.


The best part about handheld vacuums is the size. They are not very huge and can easily fit into the trunk of your car. This gives you access to a clean car anytime, anywhere.


Even after using the handheld vacuums, the smell of the dirty paws or any other smell may not go away. In such cases, using a car perfume or air freshener is the best option to get rid of the smell. Involve sells such car perfumes and air fresheners that can get rid of the smell in no time. There are a lot of choices in fragrances at Involve. You can try different scents and choose what's best for your car.


Collapsible water bowls


Even though dogs are our best friends, sharing the same water has a little bit of an ick factor to it. That is why collapsible water bowls are the way to go. You can get a bottle of water for yourself and pour the same water into the bowl for your dog. 


Collapsible water bowls are small and once collapsed can easily slide right into the back seat pocket or even into the glove compartment. This way you don’t have to worry about your furry friend getting dehydrated after all the looking out of the window. 


Dog seat belt


As per rules, you shouldn’t drive in the car without your seatbelt on and the same rules should apply to your furry friend too. Having a seat belt for your dog ensures safety. This seat belt attaches to your dog's harness and keeps them in place. This ensures the safety of your dog in the event of an accident or if you have to brake hard. It also ensures that your dog won’t walk up to the front seat and disturb you while you’re driving. Safety is the most important thing for you and your furry friend. 


Pet first-aid kits and health records


This kit is like any other traditional first-aid kit. However, you should ensure that this kit also has a few things extra that you might need for your dog. Ensure that there are tweezers in case something gets stuck on your dog's paw. Have a gauze or antiseptic in case of minor cuts or injuries. Blankets and cold packs so that you’re prepared for any sudden changes in the weather. Most importantly, ensure that the first-aid kit has the phone numbers of animal poison control and numbers of some emergency veterinarians too.
Along with the first-aid kit, having the medical and health records of your dog in hand is also a good practice. In the event of an emergency, you can just go to the nearest veterinarian and show the doctor the health records to receive the best possible treatment. 


Leash and dog tag


When you’re on a drive, make sure that you have a leash available for your dog. This way you don’t have to worry in case you need to talk your dog on a walk in the middle of the drive. 


Buy a dog tag with all your information on it and make sure that before any drive, your dog has the tag on. Also, ensure that the dog tag on your dog is up-to-date. Check all the info on the dog tag and ensure it's proper. If you lose your dog, dog tags are helpful. It is an even better idea to invest in a dog tag that has GPS and connects to your phone. This way you don’t have to worry about your dog getting lost. 


Car perfumes and air fresheners


One common problem faced by almost every pet owner is the smell. Sometimes the car just smells too much like their dog. Though the smell may not be a very big problem for pet owners, it may become an issue when driving with someone else. To avoid such cases it is always good to have car perfumes or a car air freshener handy.
At Involve, we sell such car perfumes and car air fresheners that can get rid of the smell and also leave a refreshing fragrance. There is a variety of fragrances that you can choose from. Click here to see our collection.




If you have a dog that is sick in any way or requires some kind of medication every day, then it is a good practice to have an extra set of these medications with you in the car. You can keep them in the glove compartment or the trunk of the car as well. This way your dog won’t have to skip any medication due to whatever reason. 


Poop bags


Before you go on a long drive, you usually hit the washroom. However, the same cannot be expected of your dogs. As a result, they have to take a bathroom break mid-journey. In such cases, it is good practice to have poop bags in handy in the car. This way you can dispose of the waste. Besides, it is just good pet owner etiquette to clean up after.


Treats and Toys


As humans, we feel hungry and bored if we are on a long journey. Similarly, our furry friends feel the same boredom and hunger as us. That is why it is good to keep extra treats in your car. This way, you won’t have to make extra stops to feed your furry friend. Also having an extra toy in the car means keeping your dog entertained so it won’t come to you for entertainment. This way you can focus entirely on your driving. 


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