Make a Perfect Long Drive
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Make a Perfect Long Drive

Must haves to make drive enjoyable : 12 Things that can make every drive pleasant

Before leaving the house for the drive we always tend to forget a few things and end up regretting that. There are so many things that we need to take care of before heading out, our car. So here are some of the checklists which will always guide you to be up to date and ready in any situation.

 Numerous factors need to be considered such as the state of the vehicle, fuel efficiency and how we want to travel. And we must not forget safety considerations such as seat belt usage and preventing theft or damage on your trip. This list will give you tips on what you should consider before driving away!

So here are some of the checklists which will always guide you to be up to date and ready in any situation. Here are a few things which you must check before starting your car.


Always carry water and refreshments even on a short journey. It becomes more important to carry water and refreshments in rush hours or when you are travelling along with your children.

Good Music:

Driving by listening to your favourite music makes your drive very smooth and relaxed. What if as per your music taste there is variety in your car fresheners available? Involve Your Sense has a range of gel car fragrances in popular music genres such as Retro, Jazz, Club, Fusion, Symphony. A perfect combination of your favourite music and Involve music will make your every drive perfect.


 Car freshener:

Car fresheners have always helped us to feel fresh and motivated while driving. A good car freshener can always make your mood good. Involve presents you various range in car perfume which are best air fresheners for a car in India.

 Microfiber cloth:

If you travelling along with your family or in a group there are maximum chances of spilling snacks/ drinks on your car seat; to keep the car clean during the long journey carry cleaning material.


We require tissue for basic personal hygiene during flu, cough, sneezing. Involve Premium Tissue Box and Involve Art Leather Tissue box offers you the finest quality tissues that have the extra softness and high strength being gentle, non-irritating on the skin. Premium face tissue paper can be used for your car, home decor, office.


When travelling, we always have trash to throw, such as used tissue, snacks rapper, etc., and so on. To maintain hygiene throughout the journey and cleanliness on roads we must have a car dustbin. Involve Trash Can is very handy and an ultra-convenient car accessory that will help you get rid of all unwanted trash. It is a multifunctional car dustbin, which can also be used as a dustbin for rooms and offices.

Puncher kit/ Spare wheel:

To avoid being stranded along with a flat tire; it’s always been suggested to have a spare wheel in your car for emergency use, a puncher kit, and a car equipment kit. Usually, we get everything along with our car except a puncher kit. To buy your puncher essentials with an instruction card, check out Involve Tier Puncture Kit.



First aid kit / Sanitizer:

Due to the current scenario, always carry a bottle of sanitizer everywhere you go for the safety of yourself and your loved ones. Along with a bottle of sanitizer it’s always suggested to keep a first-aid kit for emergency purposes.

USB cable/ Power bank:

Before leaving your house for a long journey make sure your phone is fully charged. But also make sure you are carrying your USB and power bank along with you to give a wide berth to problems after low battery.

Good GPS:

Nowadays before travelling to any place first thing we do is set up GPS for navigation. Let that journey be nearby or a long-distance journey we require GPS to guide us. So whenever you are geared up for your journey, make sure you have a reliable GPS and high-speed data.

Documents Organizer:

It is very important to carry all car documents in the car. We never know when it will be required during an emergency. Before driving one should have a vehicle documents checklist to ensure PUC is not expired, a valid RC book, proof of insurance, and your driving license.

Along with these points, there are many things that need to be taken care of before heading out such as:

  • Check the wiper fluid level, make sure it is full and clean.
  • Check your seat belt, it should be working properly and secure.
  • Check your battery terminal connections and cables, clean them if needed.
  • Check your seat belt, it should be working properly and secure.

Simply by following these points and adding perfect fragrance to your car with Involve Your Senses make your every drive enjoyable!! Have a Safe Journey !!

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