Happiness is the journey, not the destination…
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Happiness is the journey, not the destination…

Happiness is the journey, not the destination 

“You can’t do anything about the length of your life, but you can do something about its width and depth”- EVAN ESAR

Travelling means something different to every person in this world. There are millions of reasons to travel, it can be emergency travel or any vacation trip, and it can also be a therapy trip or a reason to escape from the daily routine trip. Whatever reason it is every travel has its own journey story. During any journey, we come across many things, and we learn so much from that trip. So travelling is not only about reaching the destination, it’s the journey that matters.


Nowadays people find it difficult to spare time from their daily routine and explore any place. But it’s really important to understand a bucket full of memories is more amazing than a pocket full of money. Planning trips with the family have always helped in creating beautiful memories that money cannot buy it. Also, it is popularly said friends who travel together stays forever, many such quotes signify the importance of travelling. It’s not necessary your trip has to be some famous tourist spot, one can reach out to some unknown nearby unexplored places and drive there to hang out there with their travel companion.


If you are planning to travel across India, the best months are from December to February. This high season month is the perfect time to travel, for those who want the full tourist experience of a destination. Besides, every place has its special tourist season so before visit doing some research is what is suggested.


What exactly does journey mean to you? Are that long roads, tunnels, bridges, mountains, traffic jams, small villages, etc. that all we pass through? No! It is all about a good companion that makes your drive zippy and memorable. Here are some of the ideas that can make your journey a memorable one.



A piece of good music has the power to make your mood swing in that movement you are in. While travelling you require a sense of peaceful song or a good energetic song to express your excited mood. What if you’re excitement level and your soul is satisfied together? Please your excitement with the type of music you love and your soul with the type of music you can smell! Yes, Involve Your Senses has brought you a music series car perfume that can delight your soul as per your music taste.

long drive music


Find happiness in small things happening around:

Imagine you are driving to your destination and you observe beautiful scenery leading you till your endpoint, colourful birds singing melodious songs for you, even you observe a few people going back to their house after heavy work. These little things do have messages to deliver us about things that we need to adopt as part of life and a few things that are very magical in their way. Park your car on the roadside and enjoy the lovely nature. Understanding little things happening around you and taking full advantage adds joy to your journey.

enjoy with freinds



Maintain coolness:

On continuous driving person who is driving tend to get irritated with long traffic, bad roads, accidents, etc. to keep your mood relaxed even in such a situation it’s always suggested to add such fragrance which can chill your mood and your patience. So for the best car freshener visit Involve Your Senses website and switch on the liveliest mood you own.


Time to lean:

Before reaching any destination you need to go through and overcome every hurdle in your journey. So it’s very important to be ready with all possible measures to overcome. There is a high possibility that your car punchers during your long journey, in such a situation instead of wasting timing in searching for a mechanic you can fix your car tier puncher with Involve Tier Puncher Kit which brings you all the essential tools required for repairing tier puncher. So this car breakdown situation brings you a lesson even if in your life your speed suddenly stops just like car puncher, it’s not the end one can repair the flaws and start again.



There are many rules which we make and follow few of them are made to break and experience new things, but few rules no matter where we go what we do its very essential to follow one of them is keeping your surrounding clean. So during your long journey or even in your short journey make sure you are not throwing scrap on road, have a habit of keeping a trash bin in your car accumulate all your scarp and at end of the journey, you can dump it in the dustbin. Involve Trash Dustbin makes your job easy being portable and easy to handle.


It is nothing like a defined pattern for a perfect journey, you can make your journey you’re kind of perfect by including these points and making your journey a perfect one with your buddy and your fragrance companion. To find many more options available in car perfume do visit Involve Your Senses website and avail instant freshness on your dashboard.

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