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Discover the essence of India

Discover the essence of India: The Land of Diversity

 India is the only country where ethnicity, practice, culture, religion, heritage, etc. changes with every kilometer as one moves from North to South. India is the 7th largest country in the world and stands apart from the rest of the Asian countries.

The diversity of Indian Religion, Culture, Language, and Cuisine is evident by the country's number of states. India with 28 states and 9 union territories. This is why India is also known as the ‘Land of Diversity. One can get an extensive tour around India with all its different cultures and places in a short period.

The subcontinent has several things to offer, vast beaches with glistening sand, magnificent mountains covered in snow, and adventurous forests boasting of rare and beautiful flora and fauna. Every waterfall, mountain peak, estuary, desert, or forest is unique and no one can fathom how beautiful India is. Art and Culture is something that inspires everyone and spreads positivity in society. India is known all around the world for its rich culture and heritage. Every region in India has its art and culture which are rooted deep in the traditions passed on from generation to generation.

One of the most noteworthy aspects of India is its tour one can experience all different experiences in different states. Here we have listed some of the must-visit destinations in India for the authentic beauty that it offers.


The golden sand of Rajasthan has the richness of standard to offer that no other state has. These golden sands can win anyone’s heart. One of the largest desserts in Asia ‘The Thar Desert’ offers a unique experience of camel ride with their extraordinary culture and tradition making this place must visit place in Asia. Just like desert’s golden dust makes your mood shine in its richness, Involve Elements Pro Gold Dust brings richness to your car and delivers rich freshness to you.

 Desert -  Discover the essence of India (INVOLVE YOUR SENSES)


Everyone has a dream to visit the island once in a lifetime. India has the 2 most beautiful Islands Andaman Nicobar Island and Lakshadweep to experience the memorable tour you will have. Until you reach such island or after coming back from there get yourself the full experience of the island with Involve Rainforest Virgin Island Car Spray which will render freshness and sense of freedom you ever had.

Island - Discover The Essence Of India (INVOLVE YOUR SENSES)


India is a democratic country having various people following different religions. India being famous for its traditions and religions have various religious people all over India following different morals. There is a various heritage from North to South which is famous all over the world for its existing reasons. South has the world’s richest temple where people use sandalwood in maximum number to offer god as it signifies purity and cools the mind. Sandalwood is one of the most common elements which is used in every religion to offer their God making its value increase in every term. Feel the purity of religious place and cool your mind with Involve Rainforest Sandalwood Car air freshener which has a purity of sandalwood and fragrance that can chill your mind.

Heritage - Discover The Essence Of India (INVOLVE YOUR SENSES)


Being on the beach brings your childhood days back even if you have visited the beach for the first time. People play with waves make Castel with sand and enjoy coastal food along. India being a peninsula is blessed with beaches in 9 states and 2 union territories. Among all states, and union territory Goa is the most visited place for beaches in India. On the beach, one can experience a splash of waves chasing against, a wild warm salty breeze, and a ton of freshness. Taking up inspiration from beaches Involve has come up with Involve Element Aqua Car Perfume which is super refreshing and has all goodness that a beach can offer!

Beaches - Discover The Essence Of India (INVOLVE YOUR SENSES)


Karnataka is famous for its mountains and hills, although mountains bring only one picture in everyone’s mind a picture of the great Himalayas covered in snow and spreading chilled winds all around. It spreads different kinds of aroma which fills one’s soul with soothing cold winds. Feel the soothing aroma of cold wind with Involve Element Aura Car air freshener and find yourself in the hills of the Himalayas while driving the car.

Mountains - Discover The Essence Of India (INVOLVE YOUR SENSES)


Madhya Pradesh has the largest forest area in India, whereas the biodiversity of Assam has always attracted tourists for its mysterious experience between flora and fauna. Assam comes in the east part of India where it offers the most unique fragrance of its botanic in its forest. Feel the botanical fragrance whenever and wherever you want with Involve Gel Can Botanical Garden.

Biodiversity- Discover The Essence Of India (INVOLVE YOUR SENSES)


India has deep roots in its religion, tradition, beliefs, etc. which are followed and given importance by people living in India. In other places, people are getting modern and our vintage is fading away. But in places like Kolkata still, few things are the same and are given importance which makes it exceptional and attracts tourists. Just like Old is Gold and Retro is Evergreen, Vintage is New Modern. Similarly, our product Involve Music Retro Gel Car Perfume do have an old concept but its evergreen just like Vintage places in India that are new modern.

Vintage- Discover The Essence Of India (Involve Your Senses)

India's beautiful destinations can be visited but one cannot bring that experience of destination back home. So bring yourself Involve Car perfume which has various variety that offers the experience of that exact place you have visited or you want to visit. To know more visit our website and find your favourite vacation trip experience in your car.

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