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7 categories of car fragrances you need to know!!


Did you know a human can detect at least 1 Trillion different smells? Isn’t that amazing! For our personal use, we always pick the most amazing and premium fragrance. But if asked about fragrances for your car use, we usually never bother about it and we can hardly recall any specific fragrance. So Involve is here to help you with different categories of fragrances one should know.


Your car fragrances speak a lot about your personality. So why not give such fragrance to your car which is your personal favorite. Because best therapy one can give to themselves while driving is a peaceful environment where you can have your moment along with driving.

So let’s have a peek at the 7 categories of car fragrances you need to know about.


Floral :

A very common, natural, and refreshing fragrance that gives your car a soft feeling. It is perfect for spring, summer, and winter. This fragrance has a long-lasting effect and works well with neutralizing odor from cigarettes and perfumes. A perfect fragrance for people who want a fresh car but with a little more oomph. It is very refreshing, long-lasting, and gives your car an overall clean feeling just like being doomed within flowers in a garden. Involve has a great range of floral fragrances which can take your driving experience to the next level. Few of the most in-demand products include Involve Rainforest Pink Lotus, Involve Rainforest Simply Lilly, and Involve Rainforest Forest Lavender.



Woody :

This category includes all types of woody scents like sandalwood, cedar, vetiver, amber, etc. The woody fragrances are refreshing like floral fragrances but have strong staying power.

They generally have a more complex scent profile, so they tend to be popular with men. The woody collection includes many amazing designer fragrances like Involve Rainforest Pure Wood, Involve Rainforest sandalwood, and Involve One French Wood, which is strong in staying powerful and classically styled.



Oriental :

The oriental scent is sweet and floral but also has a base note of musky or incense. These fragrances have a very fresh and long-lasting fragrance. These fragrances are very common in musky-type scents, mainly in female customers. These are very well-loved by the women.

This type of scent is devoted to women and men. They often pick up the personality of a woman's perfume so that each customer can feel special. Some classic Oriental car fragrances include Involve Element Aura, Involve Element Amber, and Involve One Hype. These car fragrances have the most soothing fragrance to make your drive a perfect drive. 



Spicy :

Spicy car perfume has strong fragrances giving self-confidence and positivity by making them the bestsellers on the market. This category includes all those herbs like cardamom, anise nutmeg, etc. which gives this fragrance a strong masculine fragrance. These herbs are used to make incense, perfumes, and other related products. The demand for these spices is only rising with the increase in their users globally. Spicy car perfume has a vast market that is increasing on a daily basis the very popular spicy car fresheners are Involve One Spark, Involve Elements Flame, and Involve Rainforest Black Stone.



Fresh :

These car perfumes are fresh just as the name suggests. They include any scents that contain mint, basil, and lemon. These car fragrances help you with the feelings of freshness. It doesn't matter if it is summer or winter, the air inside your car still needs to be aired and refreshed. So why not do it with a fresh and natural car perfume? If you're driving a new car and want to keep its scent as long as possible, all you need is to add any of these car perfumes Involve Elements Aqua Car Air Freshener, Involve Rainforest Spring Water, and Involve Origin Coral.


Fruity :

Just as the name suggests fruit car fragrances have a very deep and fruity smell to them. There are sweet, sour, and fresh types of fruits in this category. These are the fragrances you would associate with freshly plucked fruits. They usually have a more rich smell to them. It's a very refreshing type of fragrance and gives a sense of enjoyment when you sniff it. Some of the very long-lasting fruity fragrances include Involve Gel Can Crush, Involve Involve Gel Can Citron, and Involve Rainforest Apricot Vanilla.


Citrus :

Amongst all the fragrances of this world, citrus tends to be the most common and widely used. Citrus car fragrances are loved by all as they have a very refreshing and natural smell to them. The citrus aromas are usually sweet and a tiny bit sour. Citrus car perfume can be used to make your car smell fresh and clean after every drive. A citrus fragrance is perfect for hot summers as it refreshes the air inside the car and some of the most recommended citrus car fragrances include Involve One Citrus Fiber Car Perfume, Involve One Mojito Lemon Fiber Car Perfume.

There are even many more fragrances offered by Involve Your Senses, a few most picked fragrance types are mentioned here. To know more about car fragrances please visit our website

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