“Quality is remembered long after, the price is forgotten.”

The popular worldview of India is of exotic gods, spices, kings & kingdoms, snake-charmers, and dance with music. Ours on the other hand, is of relationships, multiple cultures, languages and rituals having a perfect blend with each other. India is a nation with more than billion expressions. Founded in India's aromaland, we are committed to producing world-class products that tell stories inspired by our 21st century view of India, with a dose of mid-century nostalgia. We've long yearned for someone else to create a brand that stands for it all, only to pickup the baton ourselves. Each unit of our collection is designed and assembled in India.

Worldwide, approximately 300 important natural fragrant raw materials are in use. Out of these, only 50% are cultivated and the rest are found in wild habitation (e.g. Nagrarmotha, Kewra etc). Out of the cultivated raw materials, 110 cultivated natural fragrant raw materials cover 95% of the current global consumption which is in fragrance & flavour. Out of these, there are 31 for which India is well known globally and there are nearly 21 which are grown but majorly self consumed. 

India is a leading producer of natural base ingredients, given the abundance of the raw materials within the country. India is an important supplier to the global market in this space, catering to 60% of the global spice oleoresin demand and 80% of the global mint extracts demand. In multiple critical ingredients (including mint, ginger, chilly, pepper, star anise, fennel, coriander, lemongrass,
nutmeg, mace, cardamom), India ranks among the top 3 producers in the world. India has made global impact with essential oils of Menthol mint, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Tuberose and spices. 

Involve has taken special care to add these ingredients as it boosts the local economy and indeed fills the aura with the nostalgic ingredients Indians have grown up with. Many such ingredients are common across the world and can also be attributed to fruits and tangerine citrus fresh produce and will appeal to everyone across the World.

As an 12 year old company backed by experienced experts in this field we can proudly say that we have managed to capture the true essence of India and Bharat in our offerings and wish that everyone enjoys them as much as we did making them.