Involve  ONE  Car Perfume Cake

Why prefer Involve ONE to AC vent Car Perfumes?

Involve One is solid leakproof car freshener that keeps your car smelling fresh 24x7. Its also effective when you open your car and you want that stale smell to go away. In the AC vent car fresheners the smell will be effective only when the air conditioning system is switched on which rarely happens during winter season.
These cakes are very strong and emit a strong fragrance that even reaches the people sitting in the backseat of the car.

How to use Involve ONE Car Perfume?
Keep the unit in the cup holder/ bottle holder near gear box. If you need more fragrance, as soon as you switch on the AC keep Involve ONE exposed in front of AC vent for 5-10 sec for fragrance to spread in the car and then keep it back in the cup holder.

Involve Your Senses WishList  Cup Holder Gel Car Perfume

Why prefer Gel Car Perfume to AC Vent plug-in?
AC Vent plug-in which is installed directly into the cars AC vent give rise to problems such as leakage, improper installation and irregular refilling, damaging your precious interiors in the car including valuable electronic instruments like music system. When kids are traveling or even when car is stationery during cleaning, if AC Vent plug-in gets unintentional touch, perfume drops from the bottle can cause more damage than its function.
Whereas, Gel not only delivers better results but also it doesn’t spill like liquid. Gel based perfumes do not leak and slowly evaporate on room temperature to give a refreshing fragrance in your car.

What does WishList Gel Car Perfume contain?
Involve Your Senses uses completely natural gelling agents to keep your environment healthy and clean. WishList Gel is a water based product and does not have harmful chemicals. Over the period gel will get dry and residue will remain which can be thrown away safely as it is bio degradable. Involve Your Senses products are made using fresh fragrances to ensure that the fragrance is not too strong to cause nausea or headaches.

My car does not have a cup holder where do I keep WishList Gel Car Perfume?
The fact that the design of the product is especially for a cup holder is for added convenience. Keeping WishList in any other empty space near the gearbox will also do where bottle is straight because it is in the center of the car.

How to use Involve Your Senses WishList Gel Car Perfume?
Keep bottle in the cup holder/ bottle holder near gear box. If you need more fragrance, as you switched on the AC keep WishList in front of AC vent for 3/4 sec for fragrance to spread in the car and then keep it back.

I use my car only on weekends, will the gel evaporate in the meantime?
The open/close feature included in the cap of the bottle is specifically for the same purpose. In case you are not using your car for a long time just rotate the cap to close the container. The average time of the product lasting will automatically increase if the container is kept closed when the car is not in use.

How is WishList Gel Car Perfume is different from others?
All our products are Made in India. Involve Your Senses uses quality ingredients so that you have the best experience from our products. Also, WishList Gel leaves a bio-degradable residue making it eco friendly.

Involve Your Senses  Air Perfume Spray

Why prefer Spray  Air Perfume to AC Vent plug - in?
AC Vent plug-in which is installed directly into the cars AC vent give rise to problems such as leakage, improper installation and irregular refilling, damaging your precious interiors in the car. Spray Air Perfumes are instant deodorizers, and can be controlled accordingly for strong or mild use.

Why do we use sprays in the car?
Involve Your Senses Air Perfume Sprays are designed for instant purification of air from odors arising in the car due to various reasons like dampness and old upholstery. Its a non aerosol spray ie. without CFC and harmful chemicals which makes it eco friendly.

How is Involve Spray Air Perfume unique?
Involve Your Senses Air Perfumes Spray combine fine fragrances with exclusive scents to give you unmatched quality and pleasant rich aroma. The fragrances are handpicked and are exclusively available in cologne as well as floral notes.
How do I spray Involve Your Senses Air Perfumes?
When the air conditioner of the car/ room is running spraying couple of sprays will have a lasting effect. Involve Rainforest and Involve Elements series Air Perfume comes with hanging card fresheners. Keep the bottle upright; point the nozzle spray on this card freshner and spray couple of times according to the intensity desired. Now hang this card on center rear view mirror of car and Involve Your Senses with rich aroma experience. It can be hunged near AC vent in case you are using it for room. Please take necessary care while spraying ensuring its done only on the hanging card.

For Involve Riviera Mist and Nat Fragrance Sprays Keep the bottle upright; point the nozzle spray towards the car rubber footmat and gently spray twice.

Caution : Do not spray directly on clothes/skin/ or directly inside the AC vent/ polished or unpolished surfaces. Do not direct the blower vent toward you or co traveller immediately after spraying . Wash with soap and water if the spray comes in contact with skin/eyes and consult a doctor immediately

Involve Your Senses Music Series Soft Gel Dashboard Car Perfume

Why do we use Gel?
Spillage and leakage problems in car perfumes is the first phenomena that comes to mind, Hence a gel like substance was designed to prevent leakage and damaging the interiors of the car. Gels are easy to use and can be kept at convenient locations in the car. Soft gel ensures sustained evaporation and better fragrance retention.

What if I want more aroma from the  perfume?
Involve delivers a mild aroma over a longer period of time. Bottle cap can be kept open if need for more fragrance is felt.

What happens if I don’t use my car very often?
The gel evaporates over a very slow period of time and if air does not pass through the bottle it is most likely to run for a longer duration unlike other car perfumes. Hence you can enjoy Involve for a longer time.

How is Involve Your Senses a different perfume?
Involve Gel is made with DrivFRESH®; making it different from rest of the fresheners. Involve uses more perfume and works on a slower evaporation technique which makes it evaporate in most conditions.

Involve Your Senses Nirvana Diffuser Reeds

Usage Instructions
  • Carefully fill up the bottle with Diffuser Oil
  • Place the reeds into the bottle and allow them to soak in the oil for about half an hour.
  • Remove the reeds and flip them around and insert the other end of the reeds that aren't wet into the bottle. Be careful with the oil and any dripping.
  • Now leave the reeds in the oil to diffuse the scent for couple of days or a week, then remove the reeds and flip them again in the oil to refresh. The more often the reeds are turned, the more fragrance will be diffused. Also swirl the oil in the diffuser occasionally.
  • If the bottle is not empty but the fragrance doesn't seem to be diffusing, replace reeds with new ones
  • Set the diffuser in a safe place where air is flowing. The scent is carried through the air and dispersed faster and more effectively
  • Please handle diffuser oil carefully. Keep used reed sticks only on surfaces like glass as it may cause damage.