Animal Planet's Super Senses - Fragrance Partner – Involve Your Senses

Animals use sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing and other special senses to negotiate their way through a sometimes cruel and unforgiving world.  Every feature has a special purpose that has evolved to ensure the survival of the animal. Just like humans, animals rely on their senses to communicate with each other, find their way around, stay safe and most importantly, to find food. The antennae of a butterfly which up close look like feathers, the sensory cells on a crocodile’s skin - these evolutionary traits aren’t just for decoration.  In fact, the size, shape and location of these animal’s sense organs is all for a purpose. Super Senses gave a deep insight into the amazing abilities that animals have, with a focus on vision, sound, taste, touch and scent.

Animal Planet ties up with Indian quality air care product manufacturer Involve Your Senses for their show Super Senses.  Sense of smell is one of the strongest senses among other senses in animals.  Involve Your Senses also capture this sense well with their quality products in air freshener category.