Involve® Badge : Hanging Freshener - 5pc

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  • Pack of 5pc
  • Quality made in India product from canopy essence group
  • Bold, outdoor scent card paper freshener for car
  • Hang anywhere freely in car/ office / home / restrooms
  • Quick, powerful and long-lasting effectiveness
  • Water based and no alcohol content. Eco friendly concept air freshener
  • Sleek and compact design delivering result with minimum exposure
  • Revitalizes your mood in seconds by eliminating odours with refreshing fragrance
  • Ergonomically-designed, lightweight and compact. Suitable for use in car, at home or in office
  • They are ultra light, can be placed on the mirror or can be slid under the seat or placed in a way they cannot be seen in case one doesn't like the distraction of it hanging across a driver's vision.

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