Involve® ONE - Musk : Fiber Car Perfume

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The delightful fragrance from Involve®. There are a lot of fragrances and then there is the enchanting Musk that really stands out. Tantalizingly deep and seductive musk aroma at heart combined with a creamy wood base, punctuated with a hint of spicy accord.

  • Strong Masculine fragrance car perfume
  • Organic Fiber Base Car Aroma with DrivFRESH®
  • Powerful All Weather Performance and long lasting blended fragrances
  • Leak Proof Scent for car
  • Freshen' up your car, home or office
  • Car perfume with fragrance control lid
  • No ammonia auto scent
  • High Fragrance Retention
  • 3M double tape to place on dashboard/ cup holder
All Weather Performance
Powered for SUVs & Sedans

100% Spill Proof

All Weather Performance

Made in India

Powered for SUVs & Sedans

Involve ONE is non-liquid Organic Car Perfume which is 100% leak proof. Solid nature of the product makes Involve ONE the best option to go for. It doesn’t cause damage like liquid air fresheners on dashboard/ music system/ seat covers. Weather conditions in India are extremely different in different regions. Preferences of people also changes similarly. That’s why entire Involve Your Senses range is developed to perform in varied climatic conditions. Involve Your Senses products are made in India. Preferences of people also changes according to their region. That’s why entire Involve Your Senses range is developed to perform and preferred by people from different background Higher level of Fragrance concentration assists in delivering a fabulous result even in bigger sized cars i.e. SUVs or Sedans where normal Car Fresheners struggles to perform. Try the car aroma in any cabin size.


with DrivFRESH

Keep on Dashboard/ Cup Holder

With DrivFRESH

Fragrance Control Shutter

with 3M Double Tape

Compact and subtle packaging of the product adds beauty with powerful fragrance performance. It easily fits into cup holder or side pocket and it is also compact enough to keep on dashboard of the car.  Specially formulated Involve ONE series Car Perfume is formulated to perform and deliver freshness inside the car cabin. Just remove the inner seal and enjoy the freshness. Enjoy the long lasting freshness in car. With vented lid of Involve ONE Organic Car Fragrance, it’s easy to control the fragrance intensity. By just sliding the shutter one can easily reduce or increase the aroma evaporation. Best Car Air Freshener. Involve ONE Car Perfume comes with foam double tape to stick the Air Freshener unit on Car Dashboard. Double tape is 3M make and has strength to hold the Car Freshener unit on Curvy Dashboard of any Car.

    If you are searching for organic car perfume for your car then this series of Involve Your Senses is the best thing you can ever find. It’s refreshing car freshener with long lasting fragrances, gives you an outstanding results for long time. Fiber car perfume or fiber car fragrance is spill proof and easy to use. Involve One Musk Fiber Car Perfume has delightful fragrance, this Car air freshener stands out of the crowd with its tantalizingly deep and seductive musk aroma at heart combined with a creamy wood base, punctuated with a hint of spicy accord.

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    Tantalizingly deep and seductive musk aroma at heart combined with a creamy wood base, punctuated with a hint of spicy accord.

    ONE Musk is India's best selling car perfumes,and for a reason! This car freshener has a masculine woody scent which gives you a sense of power and strength to enhance your driving experiences.

    The ONE fragrances can last anywhere between 45-60 days depending on the customer’s usage, size of your car and your parking.

    You can use the regulatory lids on the product to circulate the aroma in your vehicle. The product is compact enough to fit in your vehicle’s cup holder or you can even stick it to the dashboard using the 3M double tape that is provided with the product.

    The ONE series doesn’t use a liquid base unlike other products on the market so you don’t have to worry about spills. Further, you can use it as per your need by adjusting the fragrance control shutter, making it a value for money product.

    Involve One Musk is the best car perfume in India

    Cars develop unpleasant odours when they’re sitting for too long without ventilation. If you smoke cigarettes or eat food in your car and want the lingering smell to be gone, you roll down the windows and to let the smell go away and use car fresheners to replace the odour.

    Customer Reviews

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    avneesh kumar

    Involve® ONE - Musk : Fiber Car Perfume

    Vigneshwarasudhan P
    Product good

    Very delayed courier service

    Jijin Mancherikalam

    Involve® ONE - Musk : Fiber Car Perfume

    Vijay G

    Quality of product was better earlier than nowadays. Since you have launched so many other products, Quality is not as expected for this product. Thanks.

    sushanta banerjee
    Very fresh

    I used it in my new car and it still lingers with me throughout the day.