Car care tips for the rainy season
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Car care tips for the rainy season

Car care tips for the rainy season


There are a lot of reasons to love the monsoon season. Eating hot samosa, pakodas, and chai sets the mood for the oncoming monsoon season. The monsoon season also relieves us of the summer heat. While there are a lot of reasons to celebrate the monsoon season, we should also be prepared for the impact of rain on our surroundings.


As car owners, you should be prepared for the monsoon season. While it is necessary to get your car serviced regularly, it is not possible to do so after every heavy shower. Monsoon seasons are a bit more dangerous for car owners due to multiple reasons. Hence, we all must know a few car care tips for the monsoon season to save ourselves and our cars from damage and corrosion.


Let's first see a few car care tips to protect the exterior.


Cleaning your car


The easiest way to protect your car is to make sure that dirt and dust don’t settle on the car. After a drive in the rain, you should take the time to wash your car. Not doing so and leaving your car like that for a few days will make the easily removable spots stubborn. So it's best to clean or wash your car with wax. Using wax is good as it doesn’t let water droplets stay. Wax acts as a water repellant and makes the water droplets slide off your car. 


Cleaning and washing your car is one of the easiest things you can do to protect the exterior of your car.



Underbody maintenance


While washing your car, make it a point to also check the underbody of your car. Leaves, sticks, and dirt often get stuck in the underbody which can damage your car, hinder its performance, and also lead to corrosion. 


You should apply an anti-rust coating on the underbody of your car to protect it from rust and corrosion. Applying it generously to the underbody can save your car from some serious damage. However, you have to be careful while applying it. Avoid applying it on the engine/exhaust components and brake disc to avoid loss of braking and accidents.


Windshield maintenance


Make sure that your windshield and rear-view mirrors are clean before taking your car for a drive. Having dirty mirrors can lead to bad visibility which can lead to accidents. It is recommended to give the windshield, rear-view mirrors, and back mirror a thorough cleaning to avoid any gaps in vision.


There’s also a possibility that the windshield wiper may have not been changed since the last rainy season. In summer, the rubber of the wiper can get damaged so it's recommended to get your wiper checked before the rainy season hits.




During the monsoon season, it is the headlights that give you better visibility as well as the other drivers on the road. Get your lights checked, which includes the fog lights, headlights, hazard lights, taillights, indicators, etc. Having proper working lights is an absolute must in the monsoon season. If any of the lights are not working properly, it is best to get them repaired and fixed before the monsoon season hits.


Tires & Brakes


Many car accidents usually occur due to unmaintained tires. Your tires and brakes need more strength to come to a halt on wet and slippery roads. Hence, before the rainy season starts, it is best to get your tires and brakes checked. 


You can check your tire with the help of a coin. You can stick the coin on the tread to find how deep it is. Make sure that tires and brakes are well maintained and not worn out. Having well-maintained tires and brakes can prevent a lot of accidents and also ensure the safety of the other cars on the road.


Now that we’ve seen car care tips for the exterior of your car, let’s also check out some car care tips to protect the interior of your car.




Using your car in the rain means your battery uses additional power. Rainy weather and humidity can stress the battery and also lead to corrosion which can drain the battery overnight. Hence, it’s best to get your battery checked out before stepping out in the rain. If any lights in your car are starting to dim or flicker, then that could be a sign of your battery draining.




Wet, muddy shoes and clothes and also a high level of moisture cause the insides of the car to smell. The best way to keep the water and mud out of the carpets is newspapers. They are cheap and do an excellent job of soaking and keeping the water and mud away from the carpets.


Also, whatever extra smell is left can always be removed using a car perfume. Involve Your Senses has a variety of car perfumes and air fresheners at an affordable price that will take care of that bad odor for you and leave a pleasant odor around.


You can also use a towel on the seat and headrest to avoid water from permeating inside. Given the current situation, it's also good to sanitize your interiors to avoid any sort of virus.




While driving your windows are always down, which means the AC is always on. Make sure your AC is in good condition so that it can get fresh air from outside and also provide cooling in the car. Additionally, using the defogger is a plus point as it doesn’t let the windows and mirrors fog up, which could reduce the visibility of the road. 


Extra Tips


Drive in the center lane


Driving in the center lane during monsoon season is a bit safer. Water is usually clogged on the sides of the road and hence driving in the center lane is safer.


Emergency Kit


It is a good car care tip to have an emergency kit with you in the car at all times. The emergency kit should consist of a tow cable, phone charger, raincoat, flashlight, jumper cables, etc. Above all emergency kits I would personally recommend  Involve Puncture Kit  because during rain if you plan on having a long drive it is a savior if you end up having a puncture and no mechanic around.




It is good practice to always carry spare parts with you irrespective of the season. Having spare tires, car fuses, umbrellas, raincoats, boots, etc can keep you prepared in unexpected situations. Having a windshield wiper handy is also good practice as you never know when your wiper can get damaged and if it is showering heavily, you could be in a big rut.


Drive slow


Monsoon season can lead to lower grip, lower visibility, and slower reaction time, hence it is best to drive slower than usual to stay safe.




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